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Alaska Village Initiatives

AVI is a non-profit membership-based company dedicated to improving the well-being of rural Alaska communities, families, and individuals. Formerly known as Community Enterprise Development Corporation of Alaska, the corporation was formed in 1968 to create new economic activities in distressed communities. Our organization has come a long way from 1968 when our first project was to finance a small co-op store housed in a log cabin in Manokotak. Alaska Village Initiatives now has over 170 member organizations, which in turn represent more than 50,000 rural Alaskans, and is controlled by a 14-member Board of Directors representing rural communities and organizations from across the state.


AgAlaska affords rural villages support and resources needed to begin community gardening farming and ranching. Information and links provide current grant opportunities, best garden practices, and resource links to government and non-government agencies.


Intertribal Agriculture Council

The Intertribal Agriculture Council was founded in 1987 to pursue and promote the conservation, development and use of our agricultural resources for the betterment of our people.
Land-based agricultural resources are vital to the economic and social welfare of many Native American and Alaskan Tribes. The harmonies of man, soil, water, air, vegetation and wildlife that collectively make-up the American Indian agriculture community, influence our emotional and spiritual well being. Prior to 1987, American Indian agriculture was basically unheard of outside reservation boundaries.

Since that time, IAC has grown to prominence in Indian Country and among the federal government agencies and the agricultural field with which it works on behalf of individual Indian producers and Tribal enterprises. The IAC has, over the last three decades, become recognized as the most respected voice within the Indian community and government circles on agricultural policies and programs in Indian country.

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AK Native Village Corporation Association

ANVCA promotes the success of our Village Corporations and protection of our Native lands.

The vision of ANVCA is to support the mission with projects and activities that provide:

Education to Village Corporations

Advocacy for Village Corporations

Outreach to and inclusion of Village Corporations statewide

Village Corporation sustainability

AK Native Media Group

The Alaska Native Media Group was created in March 2015. Our purpose is to promote and advance Alaska Natives in media. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Promoting, advocating and encouraging indigenous media professionals in Alaska.

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AK Native Tribal Health Consortium

Traditional Foods & Nutrition
Healthy eating and food security are important building blocks of health. ANTHC helps promote the knowledge and use of traditional foods and traditional ways that support Alaska Native health.

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